Roxhanne Norman

Roxhanne Norman (19/20 Playwrights Unit) is an emerging actor, singer, playwright, and performer. As a strong proponent of queer and disabled theatre, Roxhanne looks forward to helping build a stronger Toronto theatre community. She holds an HBA in Theatre and Drama Studies from U of T and Sheridan College, and is a member of the Nightwood Theatre’s 2019-2020 Young Innovator’s Program cohort.  Her first script, Jane Doe, was nominated for the 2019 PGC Robert Beardsley Award, and is set for production at the 2021 Fringe Festival. Roxhanne’s recent performance credits include: Alexander Pantages/Ensemble in Belle Darling Klondike Queen (Alumnae Theatre); Officer Barrell in Urinetown (We Are Here Productions); Zara in The Millionaire, Tessa in The Gondoliers (North Toronto Players);  Holly Kaplan in Uncommon Women and Others (Theatre Erindale). Roxhanne is also the founder and General Manager for Low Hanging Fruit Productions, a company focussed on centring and celebrating othered bodies and voices –  for more information, including social media links, check out

During quarantine, Roxhanne has been reconnecting with her love of writing music, her practice as a conscious creator, and her two adorable amazing guinea pigs.

Joan and Marsha

Written by Roxhanne Norman

St. Joan of Arc was burned at the stake for heresy and crossdressing. Marsha P. Johnson was found drowned in the Hudson River after a life of trans activism. Over decades and centuries, their lives have become symbols of faith, strength, and radical revolution. But is it possible to separate their human lives from their legacies? In 2019, recent ex-couple Joan and Marsha try to navigate their uncomfortable apartment. As tensions rise, the voices of their heroes, St. Joan and Marsha P, struggle to pick up the pieces. As the delicate barriers between memory, belief, and reality start to wear thin, Joan and Marsha asks the question: how can you learn to love yourself when you don’t know who you are?


  • Performers: Stephen Jackman Torkoff & Alice Lundy
  • Sound Design & Composition: River Oliveira
  • Mentor: Diane Flacks

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Part of the 2020 Festival