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Nazgol Afsahi
Jasmine Spei


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    The Paul Butler and Chris Black Foundation
    Eva Dickson
    Shawn Kerwin
    Wesley Colford
    Emma Westray


      Artistic Activator

      Elizabeth Main
      Courtney Lancaster
      Sebastian Ostertag
      Wayne Fairhead
      Elizabeth Sheffield
      Lily Sutherland
      Patty Flemming
      Darwin Lyons
      Kyla McGowan
      Liam Coo
      Rosamund Small
      Annie Clarke
      Bryn Kennedy
      Gloria Mok
      Joelle Peters

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        Paprika is helping to change the face of our cultural landscape. We are reimagining access to the arts and arts training, and building opportunities for young artists to develop their skills and thrive as future arts leaders.

        By donating to Paprika, you are joining a network of dedicated supporters who understand the importance of fostering creativity and leadership in emerging artists and supporting the next generation of artists.

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