Past Media Mentions

Performing arts program provides space for indigenous youth to explore their creativity

The participants say having creative spaces like the Indigenous Arts Program for young Indigenous artists is important, especially in Ontario where the provincial government is making cuts to arts funding.

Riannon Johnson, CBC News

Paprika addresses Toronto theatre’s old problems in grooming next generation

A focus for the past six years or so at Paprika has been ensuring that its programs are accessible across demographics.

Karen Fricker, Toronto Star

The New Festival Model

Paprika is home to the freshest voices in Toronto theatre. It has been instrumental in attracting exceptional young artists to the theatrical medium because it provides such exceptional support, leadership and mentorship to theatre artists in their formative years. Looking back at the aspirations we had for Paprika in 2001 makes me realize just how much it has outstripped our initial vision. I am so proud that Passe Muraille will get a chance to host this seminal festival of new theatre works in 2014 and I welcome them all through our big red doors.

Andy McKim, Artistic Director, Theatre Passe Muraille

Parenting A Young Artist

We are excited to see Paprika explore new spaces and relationships over the next few years – our community will benefit enormously from the energy these young artists bring to their theatres. Tarragon will continue to support Paprika in any way we can and we look forward to welcoming Paprika back sometime soon.

Gideon Arthurs, General Manager, Tarragon Theatre

When the Stage is Calling You

If your child is showing strong talent in something like sports, there’s no shortage of coaches and more serious teams to foster that passion, right? I have a few friends who’s kids are dynamos in figure skating and hockey. But what happens when you have child who’s interested in performing arts? The local drama club is great but for the kids who are more serious about the arts, where do you turn to?

Sonya, Urban Moms

How To Ignite The Creative Spark In Your Kids

I was a theatre geek in high school. I directed school plays, I went to arts camp, the works. But beyond school-sanctioned extra-curriculars, there wasn’t a lot of programming for kids like me who were interested in theatre. There were plenty of arts programs, but not so much theatre-specific. 

Kat Armstrong, Yummy Mummy Club

Occupied Art: Can it Reignite the Revolution?

With a few months of reflection behind us, the real Occupy victory was ideological rather than political.

Carly Maga, Toronto Standard