Greendy Bang

Greendy Bang (19/20 Playwrights Unit) is a Chinese-Canadian artist whose work circulates primarily theatrical, visual and musical. She is a graduate of Centennial College’s Theatre Arts and Performance program. Her work strives to create content that embodies the untold truth behind the human soul into a format that speaks uniquely. Some of her production credits are Rossum’s Universal Robots (Karel Čapek), Peer Gynt (Henrik Ibsen), Concord Floral (Jordan Tannahill) and Wizard of Oz (L. Frank Baum). She would like to take this time to share her gratitude to the faculty of Paprika who has granted her amazing opportunities; as well as her friends and family who have shown her the true meaning of love and has helped blossom her
into the artist she is today.


Written by Greendy Bang

Over a hundred years of history, a cave resides behind the Zhang family temple where destiny calls upon their next candidates. Mateo and Lenina must beat the arms of time in order to resolve mysteries of the past. Blindingly following trails of the previous six souls; three paths and only one left to fulfil. The question remains whether or not they are able to survive this forced faith. Will they be able to relive the cycle of ĀGATI?


  • Performers: Arlen Aguayo Stewart & Tony Perpuse
  • Sound Design & Composition: River Oliveira
  • Mentor: David Yee

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Part of the 2020 Festival