Elizabeth Ononiwu

Elizabeth Ononiwu (19/20 Playwrights Unit) is a Nigerian-Canadian writer. As a freelance journalist, poet and current playwright, she enjoys telling the stories of black women through the perspective of her lived experience.You can often find her chatting about the intersection of sexuality, race & the church with friends, always over food, or alone reading books on the topic. 

Through the Paprika program, Elizabeth has gotten the opportunity to develop her second play, Wolves Wear Wool, with the help of Bilal Baig as her dramaturg and mentor. This year Elizabeth got to sharpen her voice as a playwright, and dig into and explore themes surrounding sexual shame, religion & complicated relationships, which then became what is now her first draft of Wolves Wear Wool

Going forward, Elizabeth is excited to create new bold pieces for the Toronto scene as a young, black emerging playwright!

Wolves Wear Wool

Written by Elizabeth Ononiwu

Deborah and her twin sister are close. So close they share a man. Wrapped up in the middle of a complicated love triangle, three black characters deal with the messiness of religion, sexuality and deeply embedded shame. Wolves Wear Wool is part comedy, part drama, part thriller, and will make you laugh, cringe and hold your breath all at the same time. Are you ready?


  • Performers: Stephen Jackman Torkoff, Asha James, Makambe Simamba
  • Sound Design: Lucia Linares
  • Mentor: Meghan Swaby

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Part of the 2020 Festival