Three people sit on the floor with their legs crossed. We can see the profile of the person on the left, the full face of the person in the middle, and the person on the right has their back to us. The person on the left and the person in the middle are smiling.

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We are reimagining access to the arts and arts training.

At Paprika, we take great pride in providing free, supportive, and creative programs for young and emerging artists to lead their own process, develop their craft, take risks, discover new ways to share stories, and connect with their communities.

We hope you will join us in creating low-barrier opportunities for young people to access and participate in the arts, by developing free programming for young artists to an arts education.

We are building opportunities for young artists to develop their skills and thrive as future arts leaders.

At Paprika, we create a launchpad for young artists to have professional careers in the arts and culture sector, by providing them with mentorship, hand-on arts education, and showcase opportunities to connect with the community at large.

By donating to Paprika, you are joining a network of dedicated supporters who understand the importance of fostering creativity and leadership in young people and supporting the next generation of artists.

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