Rose Goodwin

Rose Goodwin (19/20 Productions) is a performer, musician, artist, and harm reduction community worker. Rose moved to Toronto to be an actor after creating and producing her own touring Fringe show Jizz Sock. Since she moved to Toronto she has also found a passion for making video games and illustrations. Her work is heavily influenced by queerness and the complexities of being queer. She also works doing outreach at events promoting harm reduction and giving harm reduction supplies with Pieces to Pathway. As a performer, Rose was last seen in Gender Reveal Party (Summerworks Festival).

Rose’s Bud

Rose’s Buds is a cabaret, variety show, and sketch comedy show wrapped into one- focused on celebrating trans stories, performers, and identities. Think late night comedy and honest conversation about trans experiences.


  • Creator: Rose Goodwin
  • Mentor: Cole Alvis


Part of the 2020 Festival