ConQueso Collective

ConQueso Collective is a Latinx theatre company, founded by multidisciplinary artists Jeysa Caridad and Adriana Moraes-Mendoza. Creating and sharing original stories inspired by their heritage, with focus through the female lense, is where their passions lay. As a collective, they have been residents of Factory Theatre’s Foundry where they completed the first draft of their co-written play, DiablaDivina. Their piece was chosen to be part of Assembly Theatre’s 150 Workshop Series, and continued on to be showcased in Aluna Theatre’s 2019 Caminos festival for new works. They are excited for the next chapter of their company’s journey. Through Paprika festival Producer’s unit, they are seizing the opportunity to tackle a new project and embrace new roles as co-producers, directors and writers of their latest piece. They are creating a physical theatre piece inspired by three Latinx women with very different stories to be heard.

Not Your Mija

We find such beauty in the variety and complexities of Latinx experiences. There is immense pressure to live up to an expectation of what the ideal Latinx person ‘should be’. If you don’t speak the language, if your skin is fair or dark, if you weren’t born in the country your family comes from – you are not Latinx ‘enough’. Who defines this for an entire race of people? Where does this stem from? And how do we break free of this?   

We have been compelled to explore the real life stories of three Latinx women with drastic differences in their upbringings and physical appearances. We are using their reality as inspiration to write this piece as a means to explore themes such as colourism, stereotypes, and struggles of Latinx people. 


  • Writers, Directors, Producers: Jeysa Caridad & Adriana Moraes-Mendoza
  • Stage Manager: Connor Bustamante 
  • Designer: Clayton Batson
  • Lighting Designer: Alastair MacIntyre
  • Mentor: Bea Pizano
  • Creator / Ensemble: Lorena Villegas
  • Creator / Ensemble: Natasha Ramondino
  • Creator / Ensemble: Tatyana Mitchell

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Part of the 2020 Festival