Jess Goldson

Jess Goldson (19/20 Productions) is a second-generation settler based in Toronto. Inspired by the words of Dr. Maya Angelou and Ms. Lauryn Hill, she writes poetry with a focus on visual imagery and textual rhythm. She comes to theatre creation with a passion for character study. She aspires to connect with artists and audiences through her work on stage and in digital media.

Illustration by Marina Djurdjevic


An exploration of black queer femme sexuality in private and public spaces. This includes, but is not limited to, sex work. Text based, one-person show with some use of media.


  • Writer and Performer: Jess Goldson
  • Dramaturg/Director: Kourtney Jackson
  • Designer: Kayla Bullen


Part of the 2020 Festival

Note From the Artist

Jess is currently at the writing stage of this creative process, and has offered this piece to share: