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Instructions for Use: A Blog Post

Hi there, this is the blogger checking in from the Instructions for Use team. Hopefully this blog will give you an inside look on the Paprika process.

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Exploring the Creative Process: Drafts

Hey there fellow Paprikans, just thought I'd check in with you guys and keep you guys in the loop as to the sort of things we're trying to do here at Drafts.  As it's a very movement oriented piece, we've done numerous exercises trying to explore just that, movement.  What you're seeing below is an activity we've used a few times which we refer to as "Filling the Space".  An actor goes up, and makes a pose of some sort.  Then, one or two other actors go in, and fill the empty space left by the first volunteer.  One drops out at a time and is replaced by a new one, and in this rotation we are left with interesting poses that would never have been thought of on their own.  These sort of exercises have proved invaluable to our creative process along with...  Well you know, rehearsal.  So feel free to comment on whatever is making your rehearsal process more...  Productive!

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We’ve got Deities, Magic, and Plenty of Time to Spare…

Of all the weeks working on Shackles, this is the one most likely to be blog-worthy.

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The Resident Company and Evan Vipond

2012 marks the introduction of a new program to the Paprika Festival, called the Resident Company.  The Resident company brings together independent artists, actors, directors, designers and stage managers and casts them in a play previously produced in the festival.

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Salutations from Drafts

Hey there Paprika, greetings from myself, Elias, and the rest of the cast and crew of "Drafts".  I stepped up to do this blog, so blog I shall.  Let's get started.

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Greetings From Shackles

Hello Dearest Paprika-Blog followers,

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