The Walls Enclosing

Thirteen years since her last visit, Amal returns to Occupied Palestine on a trip to visit family and finds so much has changed and yet nothing at all. Worried about her Arabic and apprehensive about fitting into her homeland, Amal is embraced by her cousin, who makes it his mission to show her around. Just as she feels she’s found her footing, reconnecting with her grandmother and motherland, tragedy strikes and she’s confronted by the brutality of Israeli Occupation. Is there a difference between being from a place and being of it?

CONTENT AND SENSORY ADVISORIES:  This show contains discussion of the Israeli Occupation of Palestine and descriptions of settler colonial military violence.

RUN TIME: 120 Minute Triple-Bill, two 10 minute intermissions (paired with Pablo and Bill Make a Baby and Name, Date, Season)


There will be a post-show talkback

The Walls Enclosing

  • Playwright: Ameer Idreis
  • Lighting Designer: Sooji Kim

My heartfelt thanks to the people of Palestine and particularly to my grandmothers Ikram and Muzahar. My gratitude also goes to Djanet Sears, my fellow classmates in her Advanced Playwriting Class at the University of Toronto, and the actors who brought the characters to life through the readings. And thank you to Paprika Festival, Merlin Simard, my fellow playwrights Mina and Meche, and to the Banff Centre where much of this play was further developed.


Native Earth Performing Art’s Aki Studio

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Toronto, ON M5A 2B7


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Ameer Idreis

Ameer Idreis (He/Him) is a writer, playwright, and urbanist with a passion for storytelling steeped in and interrogating culture and identity. Releasing his debut novel in 2012, Ameer has been writing ever since – penning three novels, several academic and popular articles, and most recently working on award-winning and in-development plays. With a Master of Science in Planning from the University of Toronto, he brings this perspective to his exploration of both urban environments and fiction. Writing and urbanism aside, he enjoys watching coming-of-age movies, exploring forest trails, cooking his favourite Palestinian meals, and curating niche playlists.