Name, Date, Session

Name, Date, Session is a gripping tale of loss, identity, and self-discovery. In a therapy room, we meet Nova, a young woman on a quest for answers and purpose. Through heart-to-heart sessions, Nova unravels her past, finding solace in her newfound love for writing. But as she digs deeper, Nova uncovers shocking truths about her mother’s untimely demise, setting off a chain of mysterious events that will keep you guessing until the very end.

CONTENT AND SENSORY ADVISORIES: Mentions of suicide, discussions of mental health

RUN TIME: 120 Minute Triple-Bill, two 10 minute intermissions (paired with Pablo and Bill Make a Baby and The Walls Enclosing)


There will be a post-show talkback

Name, Date, Session

  • Playwright: Mina Zaghari
  • Lighting Designer: Sooji Kim


Native Earth Performing Art’s Aki Studio

250-585 Dundas Street East
Toronto, ON M5A 2B7


Native Earth Performing Arts and Artscape strive to provide equal treatment to and equitable benefits of its services, programs and facilities in a manner that respects the dignity and independence of people with disabilities.

  • The Dundas Street entrance provides barrier-free access to the building
  • Two elevators are located in the South Lobby
  • All floors have accessible washrooms and stalls, as well as accessible drinking fountains
  • Signage throughout the building is written in Braille
  • A hearing enhancement system is available in Aki Studio and the Ada Slaight Hall


Mina Zaghari

Mina Zaghari (She/Her) originally from Iran and now based in  Toronto, is a versatile artist, seamlessly blending acting, devising, puppeteering,  and contemporary dance. While holding a bachelor’s degree in civil engineering,  she pursued her passion for acting, ultimately earning a graduate degree in art  performance theatre from Humber College, enriching her artistic abilities. 

Her artistic journey involves collaborations with renowned companies like  Cahoots Theatre, Paprika Theatre, and Tirgan Theatre. Alongside acting, she  has directed and choreographed performances. As a passionate advocate for  physical theatre, she values the expressive power of the body’s silent language.  Her musical heart shines offstage with a mastery of the hand Pan, creating  harmonious symphonies that convey untold narratives through the body.