How We Breathe

By Rais Clarke-Mendes

Following the crisis of a loved one, three friends battle the nuances of Blackness and mental health. Through heated conversation, these three embark on journeys of self exploration, highlighting the different ways depression and anxiety can manifest in one’s life. This is a story about community, strength, healing and reconciliation with one’s self.


  • Director: Rais Clarke-Mendes
  • Created By: Rais Clarke-Mendes, Chel Carmichael, Quenelle George, Alicia Plummer
  • Mentor: Audrey Dwyer
  • Stage Manager: Malaika Eyoh
  • Featuring: Chel Carmichael, Quenelle George, Alicia Plummer

HEADS UP! Discussions of suicide, mental health and explicit language

PRESENTING PARTNERS:Workman Arts, Obsidian Theatre Company, Little Black Afro Theatre Company


Part of the 2019 Festival