Heresy is a new bilingual musical centering around two women, Jeanne d’Arc and her mother Isabelle Romée, and their individual struggles against the religious corruption of the Catholic Church. After hearing Angels for the first time, Jeanne sets out to create a more authentic and honest Church. Isabelle marries into the Church and is thrust into a world that is not as warm and welcoming as she originally believed it to be. These women must face the challenges that come from confronting a male-dominated system while fighting to stay true to their beliefs. A story told in both French and English, Heresy demonstrates how the Church has silenced and smothered women in the past and highlights its continuous oppression of intelligent, powerful women through generations.


  • Writer / Director : Dharma Bizier
  • Composer: Kelsi James
  • Stage Manager: Kim Moreira
  • Mentor / Dramaturg: Julie Tepperman
  • Musical Director: Juliette Jones
  • Featuring: Noah Beemer, Katie Martin, Kirsten Kwong, Mikayla Stradiotto, Emma Burke-Kleinman, Macayla Paris, Jill Goranson, Matthew Gawley, Liam Crober-Best, Alexa MacDougall, Michael Derworiz, Connor Briggs

HEADS UP! Violence and strong religious language

PRESENTING PARTNERS: The Musical Stage Company, Theatre francais de Toronto, Nightwood Theatre


Part of the 2019 Festival