The Intersection - Memories from the First

We've launched the second annual The Intersection, with fresh new selection of workshops and debate series lead by a Toronto's very own cutting edge artists. We bring you an experience from our first ever conference below, from Paprika alumnae and Advisory Board member Tijana Spasic.


Theatre talk. Cool cats. Enlightenment. I had a great time at first ever The Intersection last year. It’s a good way for younger (read:not 40) theatre artists and creators to get together and talk about issues that matter to them. The conference combine both formal opportunities to explore ways of working and informal ways of socializing, or "networking." It’s a fantastic day organized for young artists by young artists and addresses issues in Toronto's theatre scene that many of us are facing, in a comfortable, relaxed atmosphere.

The workshops offer a holistic experience -- providing ways of managing not only the world of theatre administration and theatre creation but also, how to manage your time and well-being. There was a mindfulness workshop last year led by Guillermo Verdecchia, which offered strategies that helped one find focus while working. I took the grant writing workshop, led by Pat Bradley, and one of my favourite parts was being able to hear what projects people were working on while hearing on the spot feedback from Pat Bradley about what could make those potential proposals stronger.

This year at The Intersection is no different. From Peter Wylde, we have the Welcome Back to Language! workshop; Dr Kate F Hayes brings us Mental Skills for Optimal Performance workshop; Blair Steinbach offers us Leadership: The Power of Conversation workshop; Nicholas Wallace gives us Misdirection -- a workshop in magic; Rebecca Burton & Sedina Fiati give us the important #ShareTheStage: Mapping Equity Initiates in Canadian Theatre, Film & Television; and Mitchell Cushman leads A Director's Approach to Immersive Theatre.

To top it all off, the conference presents a debate series, which I loved last year. We had passionate, intelligent and mindful debaters, including Mel Hague, and Nina Lee Aquino, who were fired up, competing with each other to change the minds of the audience. Afterwards, we had the opportunity to chat with them closely. I was pretty much a debater from birth-so it was perfect for me, but there was opportunity for quiet contemplation afterwards. This year, our debaters include Cole Alvis and Indrit Kasapi of LemonTree Creations, actor & playwright Amelia Sargisson, and Artistic Director of The Amy Project Nikki Shaffeeullah.

The conference is back in full force. You don't want to miss out. Get your tickets here!

Signing off,

Tijana Spasic