River Oliveira

River Oliveira (19/20 Design Lab) (They & He pronouns) is a Queer & Trans multidisciplinary artist living in Toronto, Ontario. He is a recent graduate of the Centre for Drama, Theatre, and Performance Studies at the University of Toronto. During his time in undergrad River acted, and designed for the Drama Centre, as well as VCDS, TCDS, SMC Troubadours, the UC Follies, and Seven Siblings Future Theatre Festival. They also worked in an administrative capacity for the UofT Drama Coalition as Communications Director and VCDS as Assistant Communications Director.

Since graduating, River has acted in now & them (written by Kai Taddei and directed by Max Cameron Fearon), and he has done Sound Design and Composition for Alumnae Theatre’s New Ideas Festival. This year, he joined Low Hanging Fruit (LHF) Productions as Technical and Communications Director. LHF will be producing River’s first solo show How the Wolf Says Goodnight in the 2021 Fringe Festival.

River is incredibly grateful to all of the Paprika staff and participants for what a wonderful experience this has been. You can get more info on their work at www.riveroliveira.com and you can check out what Low Hanging Fruit Productions is up to at linktr.ee/lhfproductions.