Til Our Bodies Fall Apart

‘The air reeks of summer. Of pine and water and a heat that sticks to our skin. I climb into his truck. A lamb to the slaughter.’

Til Our Bodies Fall Apart tells the story of a young woman and her journey of finding justice in healing. As she grapples with the aftermath of a traumatic incident, Saige confronts the lasting impact it has had on her identity, and embarks on a spiritual journey of healing and self-discovery. Weaving between past and present, Til Our Bodies Fall Apart invites audiences to witness the transformation of a survivor as she confronts the shadows of her past and emerges into the light of personal empowerment

CONTENT AND SENSORY ADVISORIES: Mentions and discussion of sexual assault

RUN TIME: 75 minute Double-Bill, 15 Minute intermission, (paired with Black and White)


Til Our Bodies Fall Apart

  • Playwright: Aleria McKay
  • Stage Manager: Pavit Athwal
  • Costume Designer: Ryan McGarvery


Part of the 2024 Festival

Aleria would like to thank Neil McKay, Melissa Turner, Brefny Caribou, Everyone in the IAP, and Everyone at Paprika!

This production is made possible through support of Native Earth Performing Arts.


Native Earth Performing Art’s Aki Studio

250-585 Dundas Street East
Toronto, ON M5A 2B7


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Aleria McKay

Aleria McKay (She/Her) comes from a Haudenosaunee & Teme Augama Anishnabai mother and Michif & Dene Tha father. She was raised on Six Nations of the Grand River and is proud to call her community home.

Aleria holds a Bachelor of Arts in Theatre and Indigenous Studies and is currently pursuing her Bachelor of Education. A poet and playwright, her past works include And She Split The Sky in Two and Thunderstorms. Her most recent poetry collection, Sweetgrass & Cigarettes, was released in early 2023. Aleria is passionate about animals, pageants, and escape rooms.