“Give yourself the permission to feel”

MIRROR blends together different storytelling mediums including theatre, film, animation, and voice acting to take the audience on a journey that demonstrates the universality of emotional experiences. 


  • Creator, Director, Writer, and Performer: Natasha Advani Thangkhiew
  • Dramaturg (Theatre) + Performer: Aman Khandelwal
  • Dramaturg (Film): Deacon
  • Cinematographer + Editor: Mateen Missaghi
  • Assistant Cinematographer, Editor + Dramaturg (Film): Ezequiel Garcia
  • Animators: Hannah Palmier Blizzard & Rafael Medici
  • Performers: Kate Counsel, Alexandra Floras-Matic


Part of the 2021 Festival

  • Jun 12 at 6:00pm

CONTENT WARNINGS: Alludes to mental health issues that could be triggering.

Special thanks to Stephanie Pugh, Kessy Bellot, The Garcia Family, Megan De Sousa, and Sharada K. Eswar.

Photo by John Paillé

Natasha Advani Thangkhiew is an eighteen year old, first year theatre student at York University. She was born and raised in India. She wants to learn and explore art and different mediums of storytelling throughout her life. She believes that creating and consuming stories allows people to give themselves the permission to feel, which is what unites them.

Her project is an audio-visual show that weaves together a series of poetry she has penned that explore ideas of one sided forgiveness, farewells, loss and longing. Besides storytelling, she has an affinity for animals, enjoys water sports and loves to travel.