Ingrid Liu

Ingrid Eugenia Liu (19/20 TD Creators Unit) is currently a student at the University of Toronto Scarborough, majoring in Theatre and Performance Studies and minoring in Creative Writing and Studio Art. Born and raised in Hong Kong as a Canadian dual citizen, she considers herself a storyteller at heart in many forms, as she likes to write stories, draw, sing and act. She also has an interest in theatre productions from a technical point of view; when she’s not being creative, she has been a stage manager, board operator, or various roles in theatre. 

She wants to be able to tell stories from multiple disciplines someday, maybe even do them at almost the same time, and constantly has new ideas bouncing around in her head, often without the time or material needed to be able to write them down or record them immediately before she forgets. She also has many personal works in the making, mostly in the form of writing novels, drawing comics, or envisioning how a story, sometimes one of her own, is told on a stage. She’s very happy to have been included in this year’s festival, and especially appreciates all the people she’s met and made connections with, despite all the changes and setbacks that came with an extremely strange and confusing situation. Having been a part of the Creators Unit’s digital project this year has been an immense pleasure and she hopes that this year’s expanded audience on the internet will be able to enjoy the entire unit’s work from the comfort of home; if she could do it all over again with the same people she’s met this year, she would, and she can’t wait to see what ideas and opportunities will come next.

(The) Thoughts Between Our Heads

Video | Duration: 14 minutes

In this cinematic dreamscape, four strangers find themselves travelling through different fragments of time and memories.


  • Creators: Ingrid Liu, Sarah Kaufmann, Whitney Kyera-Ampadu, and Ainsley Munro
  • Mentors: Erum Khan and Tijiki Morris

(The) Thoughts Between Our Heads premieres on Youtube Thurs. July 16 at 7:00pm EDT.


Part of the 2020 Festival