Indigenous Arts Program Year 1 Sharings (2/3) — My Name

Have you ever felt you don’t belong? What does it mean to be left out? MY NAME is a work in progress. It tells my real story, going through a journey of challenges until I find acceptance in my mixed identity. I use my full Mexican name as a device to trigger memories, experiences and reflections that have helped me grow and reconcile with my family tree, heritage and personal history. Now I walk stronger towards my life mission. MY NAME is an exploration aiming to craft a ritual for healing and unity. It is a way of finding pride in my background as I no longer wish to be at war with myself and therefore with others. I believe real change starts inside us and I aim to support the creation of a more harmonious future, that would only work if we allow ourselves to look from the inside to the outside.

Indigenous Arts Program Year 1 Sharings (2/3) — My Name

  • CONTENT NOTE: Family trauma, emotional wounds, colonization, patriarchy
  • RUN TIME: 2 Hours (as part of the Indigenous Arts Program Year 1 Sharings)
  • TICKETS: Free/by donation!
  • Creator and Performer: Cindy Dzib
  • Lighting Designer: Sooji Kim/김수지


Native Earth Performing Art’s Aki Studio

250-585 Dundas Street East
Toronto, ON M5A 2B7


Native Earth Performing Arts and Artscape strive to provide equal treatment to and equitable benefits of its services, programs and facilities in a manner that respects the dignity and independence of people with disabilities.

  • The Dundas Street entrance provides barrier-free access to the building
  • Two elevators are located in the South Lobby
  • All floors have accessible washrooms and stalls, as well as accessible drinking fountains
  • Signage throughout the building is written in Braille
  • A hearing enhancement system is available in Aki Studio and the Ada Slaight Hall


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Cindy Dzib

Cindy Dzib

Cindy Dzib (she/her) is a Mexican international multidisciplinary artist, communicator, producer, facilitator and entrepreneur with Maya and Spanish mixed background living in T’karonto since 2019. She’s been a theatre creator since 2010 having worked in Mexico, USA and now in Canada in companies such as Jumblies Theatre, Outside the March, Community Arts Guild and ReDefine Arts. She holds a bachelor in sciences and techniques in communication and recently graduated with honours from the Advanced Diploma in Theatre Arts and Performance at Centennial College with the support of the International Scholarship for High Performance Creators by Fundación Pablo García in Mexico, achieving the Dean’s Award of Academic Excellence in April 2022. She is passionate about physical theatre, devising, immersive experiences, developing new works, bringing IBPOC voices to the forefront of the media and is keen about working in the intersection of arts and technology. Her work is individual and collective, with focus on sharing the idea of unity, creating community and serving in the evolution of the world consciousness. 

Sooji Kim/김수지

Sooji Kim/김수지

Sooji Kim/김수지 (she/her) is a multidisciplinary artist born and raised in Seoul Korea currently based in Toronto. She graduated from TMU’s (formerly Ryerson University) Performance: Production Program with a minor in acting/dancing. She is now a Lighting Designer, Stage Manager, and theatre Technician with an expanding interest in the many elements of Theatre. Outside of Theatre, she is a photographer and model. Her recent works include Production Stage Manager of Benevolence (2023), Lighting Designer for Half n Half (2022) and Lighting Designer for Morning After (2022)Sooji is very excited to be part of this show and expand her knowledge on Theatre.