Body and breath in landscape with Andrea Nann

This guided audio solo experience, pre-recorded by Andrea, will invite folx to be outdoors in a setting where one can engage in a moving conversation with body, breath, and internal and external landscapes. Working with gentleness, Andrea will guide us through an intimate reacquainting with our self, our spaces, and our daily practices. This is a sensory class for release, for giving, for receiving, and for embracing the self within the place where you find yourself.

This workshop takes place over three 45-minute sessions:

June 2 at 1:00pm EDT – Community Gathering, where all participants will be invited to come together in ‘circle’ and meet in community (via Zoom)

Guided Experience, where participants will be invited to engage individually, in their own time, with a 30-minute guided audio exploration outdoors

June 4 at 10:00am EDT – Reflection Circle, where all participants will reconvene to share their experiences together in community (via Zoom)

NOTE: The Guided Experience will be offered both as a 30-minute audio recording, and also as a neutral-background video where the audio will be subtitled.

For those who attended Part 1 + 2 of this workshop, the Guided Experience,
a 30-minute audio exploration outdoors, is available here:

Andrea Nann choreographs, performs, produces and presents dance to reach across distance, to experience herself and others in celebration of possibility, diversity, connection and belonging. As artistic director of Dreamwalker Dance Company Andrea has created works for stage, film and outdoor sites.  She is the 2019 Dora Mavor Moore Award recipient for Outstanding Performance by an Individual in Dance (for Sarah Chase’s A Crazy Kind of Hope), a graduate of York University Department of Fine Arts, and former dancer with Danny Grossman Dance Company, Andrea channels her community building passion into unique, participatory, collaborative multi-arts experiences. In 2016 Andrea was named Artist of the Year for her contributions to the Ontario arts touring sector.