A Support Group Meeting

There are gaps in Olok’s memory. The world is cold, grey and oppressive. They need their memories. Olok returns after twenty-five years to their hometown to fill in the missing gaps. They must remember. What lurks behind the doors of the Dasgupta household? Who do they want to protect? This new play by emerging playwright Upasana Das explores the experience of trauma, forgetting and the ways family lets us down.

A Support Group Meeting

  • Playwright: Upasana Das
  • Mentor: Raf Antonio


Part of the 2021 Festival

  • Jun 09 at 5:00pm

CONTENT WARNING: Depiction of Violence/Abuse

Photo by John Paillé

Upasana Das (she/her) is a postgraduate student in the Department of English, Jadavpur University. She is a writer, artist, translator and academic. Her research interests include postcolonial studies, modernist studies, visual culture and performance studies, the interconnectivity of literature, film, theatre, comics and the other arts.