Creative Producers


The Creative Producers Program is a meeting place for IBPOC, LGBTQ2SIA+ women, trans and non-binary artists to discuss and practice methods of producing, administration, and arts leadership as they plan and execute a workshop production at the Paprika Festival. 

When we say Creative Producer, we mean folks who consider the act of planning, organizing, fundraising, and bringing art to life as PART of their artistic practice. Whether you identify as a producer first, or a creative first, is up to you! In the Creative Producer program, you will be exercising both of those muscles.

In this program, two participants will be offered a 1-hour showcase opportunity, with regular conversational and collaborative workshops with the program facilitator, mentorship with a Paprika staff member, and mentorship with a professional artist leading up to the Festival. Participants will also have the option to attend different forms of live performances throughout the season.

You can apply with a project in mind, or identify the type of project you would produce at the festival if given the chance (What motivates you? What interests you? What kind of stories do you hope to share?) If you intend on playing another role in the production (as producer-playwright, director, actor, dancer, choreographer, interdisciplinary artist etc.), we want to know why Creative Producing is key to your professional development. Successful applicants will be asked to have their project’s basic shape ready for when program sessions begin in December. 

Participants receive a production budget, rehearsal space, and mentorship in budgeting and fundraising to support their project’s needs within the festival.

This program was designed for IBPOC, LGBTQ2SIA+ women, trans and non-binary artists under 30 as a platform and launchpad for new work and career development. We encourage self-identified emerging artists and new generation artists to apply.

This Program is for


Aria Evans

Creative Producers Facilitator 2023/24

Aria Evans is a queer, award winning interdisciplinary artist who’s practice spans dance, theatre and film. As a public speaker, activist and creative leader Aria draws on their experiences of being mixed race. Aria just started a new Assistant Professor position at the University of Winnipeg and they are a certified Intimacy Coordinator. With a large-scale vision, collaboration is the departure point to the choreographic work that Aria creates under their company POLITICAL MOVEMENT. Advocating for inclusion and the representation of diversity, Aria uses their artistic practice to question the ways we can coexist together.


Support You Receive

Additional resources for this program are made possible through the Metcalf Foundation Booster Pilot Project

Training Days + Company-Wide Meetings

We bring together all program participants for monthly Training Day sessions, starting with a Company-wide Orientation in November 2023 and finishing with a Post-Festival Debrief in May 2024.

Workshop topics ranging from accessibility design, to how to plan your festival tech, a Technical Theatre Workshop with an introduction to stage management and theatre design, and building a career in the arts. These workshops are held online and in-person, and are a chance for participants to meet and work with one another (and find future collaborators!).


Toronto & Online

COVID-19 Considerations

The health and safety of participants, facilitators, and staff is our greatest priority. We encourage all Paprika participants, staff, facilitators and guest artists to maintain regular vaccinations, including additional doses/boosters. Masking during group sessions will be discussed and decided upon by each program. Masking will be optional for all company meetings, and no one will be discouraged from wearing masks. Paprika will continue to provide KN95 or N95 face masks (or equivalent) upon request. Masking and rapid testing of all artists and staff will be required throughout Paprika’s tech week in May 2024. 


Paprika seeks to lower barriers for all its programs. This year, we are offering transportation support when requested, food and snacks at program events, as well as a $1,200 participant honorarium. 

Company-wide Training Days take place in venues accessible to folks using mobility devices.The Paprika Festival tech and performances will take place at Native Earth Performing Arts’ Aki Studio, which is fully accessible for artists and audiences.

Paprika advocates for gender inclusive washrooms, and will negotiate for gender inclusive washroom signage whenever possible. We use and respect people’s pronouns. Indigenous, Black, People of Colour, LGBTQ2SIA+, Women, Trans, Non-Binary, Newcomer, Immigrant, Fat, Mad and Neurodiverse people are welcome.

Internet and a smartphone, tablet and/or computer are required for participation in Paprika’s programs. Our programs are not accessible to Deaf or Blind artists at this time. Group meetings can be recorded and shared internally to accommodate schedule conflicts and emergencies with prior notice to the program facilitator and Paprika staff. 

Programming space for the Creative Producers has not been confirmed, but we endeavor to secure accessible space whenever possible.