Paprika’s 2023-2024 Staff Team commit to the following:

Paprika events always start with a land acknowledgement
Paprika offers an online and in-person resource table during the Festival to connect audiences with Indigenous organizations to support, resources for learning about this land and its caretakers, and provide context for festival presentations and projects
Paprika staff will continue to learn and stay up to date with current news and happenings in and about Indigenous communities and share them during land acknowledgements
Paprika staff will continue to read through and reflect on the Truth and Reconciliation Commission’s Calls to Action as a collective
Paprika reaches out to Indigenous organizations directly to share and invite community members to free programming opportunities and public events
Paprika invites regular feedback from Indigenous staff, facilitators, participants and alumni and applies feedback to our programming decisions
Paprika commits to highlighting Indigenous artists and Indigenous artistic contributions throughout the month of June on our social media platforms in celebration of National Indigenous History Month
In our spaces, Paprika staff will not tolerate any words or actions that perpetrate colonialism, anti-Indigenous racism, ideologies, and histories

Aaheli, Amanda, Julia, Juliet and Keshia