After fifteen years of presenting theatre created by young artists, Paprika is expanded to its newest initiative:  a day of education, professional networking, and debate aimed at serving artists under 30.  Paprika presents its 2015/16 season in partnership with Native Earth Performing Arts.

The Intersection will focus on what political and artistic goals matter to the new generation, as well as the practical matters of how to make and sustain a life in the arts today. This event will be a space for young artists to voice their experiences in the professional theatre arts and critically discuss what skills or resources they need as they develop their careers as professional artists. This initiative is devoted to supporting the future of Toronto performance  - all for $15!

2017 Intersection – Coming Soon

2015/16 SCHEDULE:

2016 Schedule

2015/16 DETAILS:

2 PM : Registration Drop by registration to sign up for the workshops of your choice! Registration will be first come, first serve, so be sure to arrive early to secure your spot at the workshops you would like to attend.

2 – 3 PM : Roundtables The day starts off with a casual meet-and-greet for young artists, with roundtable discussions on pressing artistic and political questions that artists are tackling in the city today. Roundtable topics will include: How do we make exciting live art for the Netflix generation? In today’s environment, are we alienating audiences by asking them to turn off their phones? What will Canadian theatre look like in ten years? 

3 – 7:30 PM : Workshops Hone your artistic and your professional survival skills with exciting workshops led by top industry professionals!  Attendees will choose three of the following six 90-minute workshops:

Rebecca Burton and Sedina Fiati lead #ShareTheStage: Mapping Equity Initiatives in Canadian Theatre, Film, and Television

  • Sedina Fiati is a multidisciplinary performer, creator, producer, facilitator and activist for stage and screen. CAEA Councillor & 2nd Vice President. Rebecca Burton is an editor, educator, researcher, theatre practitioner, and arts administrator who works for PGC and co-leads the Equity in Theatre (EIT) project.

Mitchell Cushman leads A Director’s Approach to Immersive Theatre

  • Mitchell Cushman is a director, playwright, producer, educator and Artistic Director of Outside the March, one of Canada’s leading immersive theatre companies.

Dr Kate F. Hays leads Mental Skills for Optimal Performance

  • Dr. Kate Hays is a psychologist specializing in the mental aspects of peak performance through her Toronto-based consulting practice, The Performing Edge.

Nick Wallace leads Misdirection

  • Nick Wallace is an illusionist, consultant and theatre creator.

Peter Wylde leads Welcome Back To Language!

  • Peter Wylde has taught acting, history and English courses for thirty years at the National Theatre School of Canada, George Brown Theatre School and Ryerson Theatre School, and at the Stratford Birmingham Conservatory for Classical Theatre.

Blair Steinbach leads Leadership: The Power of Conversations

  • As co-founder of GreenLine Conversations, Blair has trained senior executives around the globe in Australia, Europe, Saudi Arabia, Jamaica, Brazil, Singapore and North America.

8:00 – 10:00 PM : Debate Series Special guests will take part in a debate series focused on the role of young artists in the city, today and in the future.  This debate will feature a diverse group of artists and young professionals under 30. The evening debate series will also be open to the public as a separate Pay What You Can event.

Statement #1: Theatre schools should adjust their class sizes to reflect graduate’s employment opportunities

  • Cole Alvis PRO vs Nikki Shaffeeullah CON

Statement #2: Let phones shine on during performances!

  • Susanna Fournier PRO vs Amelia Sargisson CON

Statement #3: The best actor should always get the role, not necessarily the actor who shares the background of the character

  • Indrit Kasapi PRO vs Shaista Latif CON

10:00 PM – Late  The evening will end with an after-party at a nearby bar Tequila Bookworm.  

The Paprika Festival gratefully acknowledges annual operating and project support from the Ontario Arts Council, and annual operating support from the Toronto Arts Council. This project is also made possible, in part, by the Youth Theatre Training Program of Theatre Ontario, funded by the Ontario Arts Council.

The Paprika Festival is a youth-led performing arts organization focused on providing professional training and mentorship programs to emerging artists across Toronto. Now in its 15th year, Paprika presents year-round programming including an annual festival of new work, a conference for the next generation of theatre artists, a diverse group of productions, playwrights-in-residence, a Creators’ Unit, a Regent Park Collective, a youth advisory board, ongoing mentorship, training days and a vibrant connection to the professional arts community. Paprika’s programming is delivered at no cost to the participants and culminates in a week-long festival May 23 to 29, 2016 at Native Earth’s Aki Studio in the Daniels Spectrum, in partnership with Native Earth Performing Arts.


The Intersection will take place between Theatre Passe Muraille, located at 16 Ryerson Ave, and lemonTree creations, located at 58 Stewart St. Registration will begin at Theatre Passe Muraille. The venue is accessible by TTC and street parking is also available.