སྒྲོལ་མ་ [DOLMA]

By Rinchen Dolma

It’s October 31, 1984. Delhi, India. Dolma dreads her everyday commute and her coworkers as she travels to her dream job, being the first in her family to work in an office. Her life alone in the big city is proving to not be as glamorous as she imagined having come from a small refugee settlement in the south and she tries to keep to herself. On this hot fall day, Dolma decides to stand up for herself, the same day that PM Indira Gandhi is assassinated.


  • Director/Playwright: Rinchen Dolma
  • Stage Manager: kumari giles
  • Featuring: Tenzin Tsomo
  • Sound Designer: Oshan Starreveld
  • Lighting Designer: Senjuti Sarker

THANK YOU TO: ཨ་མ་ལགས་ thank you for your stories, they are my most prized possessions and a precious inheritance. Tsomo for being the best friend and collaborator I could ask for. Thank you for all that you bring and offer to the world. Marjorie Chan for always making time for me and for encouraging me to apply to Paprika. Its an honour to know you and to see how much care you put in your work and community. Courtney Ch’ng Lancaster thank you for your time and your insights. Your work ethic and strength is inspiring, thank you for all your check-ins. Kumari Giles thank you for all the knowledge and reflection you bring to our work, I am always in awe of how you hold space and get shit done!

HEADS UP! Today’s performance is a workshop of Dolma as the piece is still in discovery and development. This performance is multilingual and translation will not be offered.


Part of the 2019 Festival