Welcome to the updated Website!

Woohoo! We’ve spent most of this season working with our incredible Web and Graphic Designer Ted to redevelop our website and make it even more user-friendly, more interactive, and generally more useful. The best part about it is that we’re going to be able to update it regularly from now on, meaning it will always be a great source of info for all things Paprika. I guess the other awesome part about it is that it’s finished just in time for this year’s Festival — March 18-26 at the Tarragon Studios. Tickets are now available by calling the Tarragon Box Office or heading to tickets.tarragontheatre.com.

And that’s not all! You can expect even more stuff on the website in the coming weeks. Look for more photos and more videos as we continue to upload new galleries, and stay tuned for our exciting Alumni Database where you’ll be able to find out more about the artists who have been through the Festival in the past. In other words, more to come. There’s always more to come from the Paprika Festival.