The 'Made with Love Campaign' is Here!

You know us. Young. Relentless. Ready to conquer. Created and facilitated for emerging, exploring, experimenting, daring young people with mentorship provided by hand-picked seasoned professionals and programming organized by dedicated, hard-working, hilarious individuals -- Paprika Festival has shared 15 seasons of original, creative, multidisciplinary, personal, political, raw work.

100% of funds raised by the Made with Love campaign will go towards our artist participants -- from providing meals to renting our festival venue to fairly compensating our mentors, trainers and staff.

This month, give us what a week’s worth of coffees or cake, or a jar of nutella (it’s hard but it’s worth it) and in return we give you something from our hearts and our brains. Perks like:

We are small organization working to realize big dreams. We are made with love. From our sponsors, and community partners, and from you.

In the end, your donation goes towards supporting the work of over 50 (fifty) artists under 30. We want another 15 years of Paprika Festival. We know you do, too.

With love,

Paprika Festival