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Spotlight On: “This Play is Like _______”

“The shadow puppets are eating me alive. But in a good way.” So begins my conversation with Glenys Robinson, Playwright and Director of the production, This Play is Like _____, which blends the seemingly innocuous elements of high school, allergies, and anime obsession with original folklore, stand-up comedy, and the above mentioned carnivorous shadow puppets…. Read more »

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Starting Up Paprika 2013: 24 Hours Until First Training Day

(Month 2 of  Rosamund being Associate Director…) Now I finally know what goes on behind the very exciting closed doors of Paprika Executive meetings. The answer is scheduling, scheduling, scheduling, and then sometimes we schedule things.  We also meet the roommates/partners/families of whomever’s living room we have taken over as office space on any given… Read more »

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Paige’s Resident Company

Hello Internet! Let me introduce myself. I’m Paige, and I’m a student in my first year at the University of Toronto, where I am studying drama. This is my second year as a participant in the Paprika Festival. Last year, during the festival’s 10th anniversary, I was in the Creator’s Unit. This year, however, I… Read more »

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