Sweet Dreams Are Made of Short Rehearsals, Peanut Galleries, and Six Weirdos We All Can't Stand

Coleen/Reality: Hi, I'm Reality, but I'm sometimes called Coleen.
Kealin/Possibility: And I'm Kealin, also known as Possibility.
Coleen/Reality: And we're in a play, a delicate balance where we all know the true reality,
Kealin/Possibility: But are also here to explore the possibilities. The play is titled, 'Sweet Dreams' and it revolves around a seventeen year-old girl named Sam who encounters and befriends her future mentor, Tara, a bartender at the Beaver Pub. Tara in her own essence teaches Sam about getting what you want but also facing the consequences that come along with it.
Coleen/Reality: Then there's Amala, who is a prime example of settling and knowing how to make herself content. Through the relationships between these three women, we discover the consequences of risking possibility and facing reality.
Kealin/Possibility: And that's our play, pretty much. Reality and I are always at odds.
Coleen/Reality: No, we aren't.
Kealin/Possibility: Mhm, sure.
Coleen/Reality: We're supposed to talk about how we're doing, and our process!
Kealin/Possibility: No, it's a blog post. We can talk about anything, the possibilities are endless!
Coleen/Reality: Really now? I'm pretty sure they want something with actual information.
Kealin/Possibility: Yes, because our title was so self-explanatory. Do they know that 'peanut galleries' means chatting? Not very clear.
Coleen/Reality: Well fine then! Dear reader, if you're wondering how our process is going, here's the facts: we rehearse for less than two hours every Monday and Wednesday in a stairwell at Ryerson University, we talk non-stop, watch youtube videos, bicker, and somehow manage to block a scene.
Kealin/Possibility: Ha! You can hardly call our rehearsal space a stairwell, it's HUGE. We call it the 'room'. And we get work done, just WHILE talking and watching youtube. Broaden your horizon there buddy, the reader is going to think we're slackers.
Coleen/Reality: Well, we finally are posting on the blog-after over a month.
Kealin/Possibility: It's not homework. Calm yourself. Dear reader, ignore our bickering, it's pretty much our play. Coleen and I have been watching our cast help create this show, and wanted to let you know what has been going on. So what has been going on...
Coleen/Reality: We're focusing on transitions, last minute additions, and cleaning up some scenes.
Kealin/Possibility: That and also the fact that we've all come to the understanding that this story, what it says for us and for so many out there, is a story we feel more than privileged to share at the Paprika Festival.
Coleen/Reality: Yes, despite the very cheesy way you've worded it, I do agree.
Kealin/Possibility: Really, you do?
Coleen/Reality: Yes. I think the love we have for this show is something we can both agree to agree on.
Kealin/Possiblity: We hope to see you there!
Coleen/Reality: We will see you there.