Photo by Johannes Plenio

Waves of Knowing

The audio story Waves of Knowing highlights the experiences of sex workers and what they’ve learned about themselves through their work. This is the third project in a series of audio pieces focused on experiential somatic knowledge.

Waves of Knowing premiered Wednesday, June 2 at 6:00pm EDT.

Waves of Knowing

  • Producer, Director, Writer, and Lead Editor: Jess Goldson
  • Co-Producer, Story Consultant, and Editor: Kourtney Jackson


Part of the 2021 Festival

  • Jun 02 at 6:00pm

CONTENT WARNINGS: Sex, systemic violence, abuse.

Special thanks to brawk ward, Dian Marie Bridge, Isabelle Oke, Jenny Duffy, Kareem Ibrahim, Lyra McKee, and FiXT POiNT.

Jess Goldson

Jess Goldson is a second-generation settler based in Toronto. Inspired by the words of Dr. Maya Angelou and Ms. Lauryn Hill, she writes poetry with a focus on visual imagery and textual rhythm. She comes to theatre creation with a passion for character study. She aspires to connect with artists and audiences through her work on stage and in digital media.