Poster by Theo Demeke


Seule is a fashion film about a young woman arriving in Toronto for the first time. But the city’s on lockdown-there’s no one to be found anywhere, she’s now left on her own in the empty streets of Toronto.


  • Writer, Director, Producer: Abigail Whitney
  • Lead Cinematographer and Editor: Theo Demeke
  • Cinematographer: Lianne Snow
  • Stylist: Marie Powell
  • Makeup and Hair Styling: Celeste Russouw & Anna Grace
  • Actor: Jasmine Ward
  • Dog Actor: Kobe

Thank you to my family, to my neighbours, to Fix Coffee + Bikes (@fixcoffeebikes), DorsaLi (@dorsali), Stephanie Brown (@stephaniejo_b), Tarragon Theatre, and Soulpepper Theatre!


Part of the 2021 Festival

  • Jun 11 at 7:00pm

Abigail Whitney

Abigail Whitney (she/her) is the brand-new Artistic Director Intern at Volcano Theatre. She’s an award-winning stage director, actor, fashion model, an artist educator and youth mentor. She has studied in theatre training programs and workshops across Toronto, and abroad in London, UK at Queen Mary University of London. Performing at the 2019 Edinburgh Fringe Festival with UK’s award-winning Queen Mary Theatre Company.

Abigail was named a “one-of-a-kind Canadian model” and in 2020 was listed as “100 Black Artists to support this Juneteenth” by New York’s Gritty Vibes Magazine. In 2020, University of Toronto’s The Varsity newspaper published a personal essay about her acclaimed university career and interviewed her on the front-page of their November 2018 paper in an article titled “UofT student, model, and director- how does Abigail Whitney do it all?” She was named a “quadruple threat” by UofT News “UofT students who crushed it.” She was featured on CBC’s q, ByBlacks, CBC’s OurToronto, Eboss Canada and Broadway World.

Abigail worked as an assistant film director on 4 out of 21 of Obsidian Theatre Company’s 21 Black Futures short films airing on CBC Gem right now and was recently interviewed by UofT’s Scarborough Campus’ The Underground magazine sharing her gratifying experience.

Abigail Whitney is on the cover of Ark Magazine’s 002 “The Reset” Issue released in 2021, where she’s interviewed and featured as a ‘Game Changer’ an “innovative and fearless force, changing the arts as we know it.”

In 2020, Abigail Whitney was added to the directory of stage directors and filmmakers at Creatress, an online platform providing visibility to gender minority creatives in Canada.