Not Your Mija

What’s your background? But your skin is? Do you speak? Oh so you’re from? But you don’t? But you look? What does it mean to be Latinx? Is this an outdated term?

Not Your Mija explores these questions and more through stories inspired by three very different women who all identify as Latinx.

Not Your Mjia

  • Writer, Director, Producer: Jeysa Caridad
  • Writer, Director, Producer: Adriana Moraes-Mendoza
  • Directors of Photography: Clayton Batson & Sydney James
  • Performers: Taty Mitchell, Natasha Ramondino, and Lorena Villegas


Part of the 2021 Festival

  • Jun 10 at 7:00pm

J & A Collective was founded by multidisciplinary artists Jeysa Caridad and Adriana Moraes-Mendoza. They create and share original, culturally inspired stories engaged by female narratives. As a collective, they were residents of Factory Theatre’s Foundry program where they completed the first draft of their co-written play, DiablaDivina. This piece continued on to Assembly Theatre’s 150 Workshop series, excerpted and showcased in Aluna’s 2019 Caminos Festival, and has now been adapted into an audio experience with Aluna Theatre. In between writing scripts, co-directing, and co-producing, the two release monthly collaborative series of visual artistry and poetry which can be found on their Instagram profile, @j.a_collective.