MANDEM (term used for group of friends or homies) 

Black and Latino, two unemployed Torontonian friends, find themselves in their apartment the morning after a party. They’re out of weed and the end of the month is fast approaching. So they reach out to their friend Lightskin who sets them up with job interviews, en route to securing employment is where the MODNESS begins. 

MANDEM (term used for group of friends or homies) is a satirical piece that delves into racial stereotypes and asks, “What happens when a Latino and Black man don’t have money for weed or rent in Toronto?”

MANDEM (term used for group of friends or homies)

  • Playwright: Walter Moraes-Mendoza
  • Mentor: Adam Lazarus


Part of the 2021 Festival

  • Jun 10 at 6:00pm

Walter Moraes-Mendoza is a Toronto based artist with deep connections to he/him/his city and South American roots. Walter studied acting and theatre at Humber College where he learned many important theatre related things. This Toronto Man once performed in the Summerworks festival Nize It which was showcased on Factory Theatre’s Main Stage, it was a small role but still… Walter has been a playwright for a couple years now and he wishes to keep going with his play MANDEM soon to be completed and showcased at The Paprika Festival. That’s basically all you need to know.