Black and white photo of several Black hands caressing each other. There is a rip through the image revealing the same image in colour.

Forest for the Trees

Forest for the Trees follows Josephine and her daughter Nina as they travel to England to take care of their family during an emergency. While there, Josephine is faced with unsettling childhood memories and family resentments as she traverses her relationship with her Mother and Grandmother. 

Traumas creep in and we’re left wondering how do we heal from something we never acknowledged? What happens when the bomb goes off and the feelings can’t be left unsaid? Can this family rebuild and move forward out of the cycle of trauma?

Forest for the Trees

  • Playwright: Juliet Jones-Rodney
  • Mentor: Leah-Simone Bowen


Part of the 2021 Festival

  • Jun 10 at 5:00pm

A special thank you to my Mother, Carla Rodney. I love you. I also want to thank my community for allowing me to grow and thrive in a loving and creative environment.

Juliet Jones-Rodney

Juliet Jones-Rodney (she/her) is an emerging writer, singer, actor, and social activist born and raised in Toronto. She is very excited to take the next step in her evolution and explore expression through writing as a part of the 2021 Playwrights Unit at Paprika. As a Black woman, Juliet allows her history to inform her work and looks to centre identities of Blackness in her pieces. Most recently, Juliet was a part of the Lacuna Collective featured in the Next Stage Theatre Festival presented by Toronto Fringe.