Clear the Comms (Working Title)

How can technology be used to enhance theatre rather than take away from it? That is the question surrounding Ethan’s project. He wants to put his love of video games and community on display with an interactive performance. Online video game culture is a place that still holds mystery for most people. By diving into where it starts: anonymity. And where it ends: relation. Ethan hopes to understand what a better future could look like for gamers.

This sharing is part of the Indigenous Arts Program Sharings on May 17. In their pieces, artists explore themes of connection, community, and land relationships, and we welcome you to join the conversation! Folks are invited to interact with guiding questions from the Indigenous artists on their way into the Aki Studio, for a night of readings, dance, and discussion with this year’s multidisciplinary IAP cohort. The Indigenous Arts Program Sharings are double billed with the Festival Opening Night Party, featuring food, drink, and live music in the Daniels Spectrum Courtyard.

Content Note: vulgar language, misogynistic in nature

Clear the Coms (Working Title)

  • RUN TIME: 30 minutes (1.5 hours for the IAP Year One Sharings), following a 1 hour Opening Night Party
  • Playwright: Ethan Keyes
  • Lighting Designer: Mikaila Strickland
  • Performers: Michael Wamara, Tarique Lewis, Cameron Barclay, Angela Merriott


250-585 Dundas Street East
Toronto, ON M5A 2B7


Native Earth Performing Arts and Artscape strive to provide equal treatment to and equitable benefits of its services, programs and facilities in a manner that respects the dignity and independence of people with disabilities.

  • The Dundas Street entrance provides barrier-free access to the building
  • Two elevators are located in the South Lobby
  • All floors have accessible washrooms and stalls, as well as accessible drinking fountains
  • Signage throughout the building is written in Braille
  • A hearing enhancement system is available in Aki Studio and the Ada Slaight Hall



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Ethan Keyes

Ethan Keyes

Ethan Keyes is an Indigenous Irish creator who has equal energy to dance the night away or play video games until 4 am. Some things that matter most to him are his little siblings, being a giant goof, and being kind to everyone. Ethan is most keenly interested in technology in theatre and writing fantastical plays. To be honest, he doesn’t know exactly what he wants from this career but he knows he wants to create and give people as much love as he can. So that’s where he’ll start.