REC - PRODUCTIONSPaprika Productions is the largest and most independent program at Paprika. It’s a great place to try a show you’ve always wanted to do but never had a venue for. All Paprika Productions are created by participants. We welcome projects at any stage of development and participants of all skill levels. We seek productions of all kinds; past participants have staged dance pieces, musicals, plays, installation art, and clown shows. Your work is shared in the Paprika Festival May 25-31, 2020 at Aki Studio (Daniels Spectrum). This program has a suggested age limit of 21.

We’ll support your work by:

– Pairing you with a professional mentor who can advise you on: script development, rehearsal process, staging your piece, and anything else you need help with.

– Coaching you on how to promote your show through: social media, writing about your show for the Paprika Festival program, and pitching your show in person.

– Offering technical guidance and training to your stage manager and designers before moving into the theatre venue.

– Checking in with you regularly throughout your process.

Recent Mentors include:

Audrey Dwyer, Juller Tepperman, Britta Johnson, Byron Abalos, Cole Alvis, Amy Nostbakken, Alan Dilworth, Astrid Van Wieren, Rob Kempson, Michael Wheeler, Simon Bloom, Amy Lee, Sarah Kitz, Paula Wing, Sophia Fabiilli, Pip Bradford, and many other respected arts professionals.

Training Days:

In addition to being part of this program, all participants gather for four Training Day masterclasses led by professional artists, with workshop topics ranging from physical theatre, to pitching your show, to decolonizing arts practice. These days are a chance for participants to meet and work with one another (and find future collaborators!).


– Independently create and rehearse a production and perform in the festival May 25-31, 2020 (we provide the performance venue and mentorship but not rehearsal space or props/costumes/set)