REC - PLAYWRIGHTS UNITThe Paprika Playwrights Unit focuses on the process of developing a script for the stage. We ask that playwrights bring us a project they are passionate about, whether it is a clearly outlined idea for a play, a full length draft ready to be workshopped, or anything in between. Paprika accepts playwrights at all stages, from beginner to already-produced! This program has a suggested age limit of 21.

Many young playwrights have gone on to have their scripts staged as full productions at Paprika and beyond as a result of the development support they received in this program.

       We support playwrights by:

– Tailoring the program and mentorship to suit the individual needs and goals of the participants.

– Providing a public reading of each playwright’s work in the 18th Paprika Festival by professional actors.

Recent playwriting mentors include:

Bilal Baig, Luke Reece, Anusree Roy, Mikaela Davies, Donna-Michelle St. Bernard, Lisa Codrington, Briana Brown, Judith Thompson, Susan Coyne, Djanet Sears, Damien Atkins, Marjorie Chan, Jordi Mand, Adam Seelig, Andrea Romaldi, Jeff Ho, and many other respected and award-winning writers.

Training Days:

In addition to being part of this program, all participants gather for four Training Day masterclasses led by professional artists, with workshop topics ranging from physical theatre, to pitching your show, to decolonizing arts practice. These days are a chance for participants to meet and work with one another (and find future collaborators!).


– Playwrights must commit to regular meetings with fellow playwrights and program mentors.