PAPRIKA 2013!! (We're already excited and it's...October 2012).

10/28/12:  14 days until our first Training Day, when all participants will gather for the first time.  We will have discussions, panels, workshops, and mad games of Simon Says.  Until then, the Executive bides its time, preparing for the coming influx of young-artist energy and talent.  Until then, we wait...and we plan.

Now I finally know what goes on behind the very exciting closed doors of Paprika Executive meetings. The answer, by the way, is scheduling, scheduling, scheduling, and then sometimes we schedule things.  We also meet the roommates/partners/families of whomever's living room we have taken over as office space on any given day.

Our brand new General Manager Katherine Devlin hosted our meeting this week, and her dog proved distractingly adorable.  I may lobby for non-human entries to be considered next year. Try to ignore the genius of a puppy-based collective creation.  You can't.  That is an amazing idea.  For puppies 21 and under (63 and under in dog years).

This is Sadie and just-look-at-that-precious-face.  I'm in love.  Welcome to the team Katherine and pup.

The year so far is about budgeting, flyers, applications, staffing, spaces, and media ("HEY ROS- You blog, right?"), and other essential steps ("HEY ROS- You Tweet, right?").  Nothing got exciting until interviews, which we wrapped up last week  with DOUBLE last year's application numbers.  Some of the coolest people I've met in a very long time travelled from as far away as Ottawa (THAT IS FAR), to spend ten minutes telling Paprika Exec about their plays, their plans, and their reasons for being involved in the Festival this year. Quality was high, competition was fierce.  As a result, our Festival is STRONG like an OX that likes to create and perform meaningful  and excellent works of theatre.

Stay alert for more updates on our newly cross-Ontario Festival!  Though to be honest the Ottawa group Skyped in their interview.  It was only ten minutes.  We don't demand that much driving from our applicants, especially as many are too young for licenses.  Also soon some will be dogs, and dogs cannot drive.  Though I bet Sadie could.

- Rosamund Small, Associate Director

Oh, PS I do Tweet (@PaprikaFest).  Follow us.