Witness of Obsession and Desire

Directed by: Ty Sloane

Witness of Obsession and Desire is a creation piece devised by three actors and the director Ty Sloane about a character named Quinn as he recounts his past relationships and what led him to move to Montreal. The play is best described by Quinn: “I didn’t know I loved myself until I loved you…  I’m who the story was about, but now I want to make sure you know everything so you know that our story is about us.”

Mentor: Clare Preuss 

Director: Ty Sloane

Dramaturg: Collette Radau

Stage Manager: TBA



Quinn: Tony Tran

Thalia: Elizabeth Staples

Silas: Daniel Carter


Special Thanks: Rose Stella and Centre for Indigenous Theatre, Daniel Carter, Bella Larsen, Ammarah Syed

Duration: 30 Minutes

Heads Up:  Witness contains drug use, mental illness, sexual content, and swearing

Schedule: Friday May 18 at 7:15PM | Saturday, May 19 at 12PM