Not Many Immigrants Live Here

Written by: Thilini Seevakireedam

“And best of all, there are not many immigrants here so it’s still new and fresh, so it’s perfect for you!”

“BITE YOUR TOUNGE. BITE YOUR TONUGE. SHUT UP! SHUT UP! SHUT UP! Just ignore and move on, ignore and move on, ignore and move on, ignore…move on…”

Not Many Immigrants Live Here is the exploration of identity, diversity, immigration and exclusion through the point of view of a POC (person of colour) female living in North America. What does it mean to be able to converse, walk and listen during a time where being different is both a trend and a target? What does it mean to live in a space where feeling unwelcome and unheard feels like breathing? What does it feel like, taste like, smell like to be a stranger in your own home?

Facilitator: Jeff Ho

Duration: 30 Minutes

Schedule: Sunday, May 20 at 11:ooAM

Tickets: The Writers’ Circle Reading is free!