A Perfect Bowl of Pho

Written by: Nam Nguyen

The year is 2018. A “diverse Toronto audience” (read: white middle-class hipsters) settles down in Aki Studio to watch a play about pho, the Vietnamese noodle soup (read: a convenient vehicle for discussing identity, colonialism, refugees, immigrant parents, cultural appropriation, and capitalism). They’re mentally prepared for theatre that’s “diverse” (read: a lotta Asians and one white guy), “thought-provoking” (read: pandering to educated liberals), and “fun” (read: it’s a musical), all from “one talented young Vietnamese-Canadian playwright” (read: a narcissist). They are not ready, however. The crowd hushes as the flute plays, and lights rise on a poor Vietnamese farmer…

Written by: Nam Nguyen
Mentor: Byron Abalos
Director: Gianni Sallese
Stage manager: Scott Phyper
Music director: Shreya Jha
Assistant music director: Kevin Vuong
Music by: Wilfred Moeschter and Nam Nguyen
Additional music by: Sam Clark
Performed by: Meghan Aguirre, Jasmine Cabanilla, Max Gu, Cy Macikunas, Victoria Ngai, Nam Nguyen, Justin Park, Jacob Peng, Brendan Rush, Kenzie Tsang, Vivian Xie
Band: Randy Chang, Max Gu, Venjamin Law, Jacob Peng, Brendan Rogers, Rena Seeger, Keshav Sharma-Jaitly, Joey Zhuang
Lighting designer: Abby Palmer
Costume designer: Bailey Hoy
Special thanks: the OG Pho Team, VCDS, David Yee and Molly Simpson 
Heads up: A Perfect Bowl of Phở contains coarse language, sexual innuendos, ethnic slurs, discussion of war, violence, and torture, and scatological humour.
Duration: 60 minutes

Schedule: Wednesday May 16 at 9:15PM | Friday, May 18 at 6PM | Sunday, May 20 at 5:15PM