Resident Company

Want to work with members of your community?
Want to create a collaborative piece of artwork?
Want to explore theatre, spoken word, visual arts, dance, playwriting and more?

Paprika’s Residency Program is for you!

The residency program is a multidisciplinary arts program, designed to engage members of Regent Park community for the 2015/16 year. We welcome Regent Park artists who have varied interests and artistic backgrounds. The residency program culminates in a collaboratively devised theatre performance, created by you as part of the Paprika Festival.

Our program has two parts: drop-in sessions and weekly workshops cumulating in a performance in the Festival May 23rd-29th, 2016.

Our drop-ins take place in November and December 2015. During drop-in sessions we experiment in many different artistic forms including theatre, spoken word, visual arts, dance, playwriting, music and more. We aim to not only build a diverse skill set, but to encourage exploration in the arts. If you have a certain interest feel free to contribute it to a drop-in session!

From January till June 2016 we start our workshopping and rehearsal process. This uses the skills, knowledge and experience accumulated from the drop-in sessions to start devising our own collaborative theatre piece. There are no limits to form and content. Talk about what excites you, what you care about and what means something to you and your community.

Beyond this program there are opportunities to continue showcasing the collaborative devised piece. Last year, “Project Original”, was created from our Alexandra Park residency and was showcased as part of the 2015 Ontario Celebration Zone!

Paprika is committed to accessibility. If you need assistance with your application in any way please don’t hesitate to contact us. We strive to be a barriers free organization and we want to make this as easy as possible for you! We offer interviews to every applicant, so if a written application poses any challenges to you we can easily go through the questions in your interview.

Program Requirements:

  • Under 21 years old (suggested)
  • Mandatory weekly meetings starting in January 2016
  • Attendance at drop-ins encouraged
  • Attend Paprika Festival Training Days on January 17th, 2016; February 14th, 2016; April 10th, 2016; and May 1st, 2016
  • Perform in the 2016 Festival May 23-29th, 2016

No applications are needed for this program.

Please contact Community Arts Manager, Jijo Quayson, at for more information.