The 2016/17 Paprika Festival

Submissions for the 2016/17 Paprika Festival are now closed, thank you to everyone who applied. If you are interested in applying next year or being the first to know about exciting Paprika events make sure you sign up for our email newsletter!

Whether you’re looking to meet new collaborators, starting your first project and don’t know where it could end up or you have the perfect vision for an exciting new play, Paprika can support you in taking your work to the next level.

Paprika Festival runs year round professional training and mentorship programs that culminate in a conference and performing arts festival of new work by young artists. This year, our programs begin November 2016 and lead up to a showcase at Paprika Festival in May 2017. The Festival will take place at Native Earth’s Aki Studio in Daniels Spectrum, a cultural hub in Regent Park, in partnership with Native Earth Performing Arts.

Paprika is committed to accessibility. If you need assistance with your application in any way please don’t hesitate to contact us. We strive to be a barrier free organization and we want to make this as easy as possible for you! Paprika Festival offers interviews to every applicant, so if a written application poses any challenges to you, we can easily go through the questions in your interview. Paprika Festival is an equal opportunity organization and strongly encourages applications from Indigenous, culturally diverse applicants and any equity seeking group, including but not limited to race, colour, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, national origin, or disability status.


2016/2017 Programs

Paprika Productions

Independently stage an original script or performance project of your choosing. We provide the mentorship and resources and you bring the company to make it happen.
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Whether you’re just beginning to write or have been writing for years, the Playwriting program at Paprika can help you take your work to the next stage! Numerous writers have got their start with us, and many more continue to hone their skills with the support of professional mentors.
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Creators’ Unit

The Creators’ Unit is a weekly, facilitated program where you can meet other creative thinkers, experiment with new ideas and collaborate on an original, devised performance project to be presented at the festival. New this year, the Creator’s Unit will focus on immersive theatre, the practice of not taking any theatrical conceit for granted.
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Paprika’s Regent Collective (Drop-in program)

The Regent Collective is a multidisciplinary art development residency program occurring in the Regent Park community from 2016 /17. We welcome young artists of all interests and artistic backgrounds seeking to explore their artistic process with the support of our professional mentors. Our year program culminates with each of our young artists presenting their creatively constructed performance at our 16th annual Paprika Festival.
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Advisory Board

Join a team of aspiring arts leaders, producers, artists and art-enthusiasts and help guide the Festival through programming and planning decisions.
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Director’s Lab

The Director’s Lab is geared towards emerging directors looking to develop their craft. In partnership with Native Earth Performing Arts and Theatre Passe Muraille, participants will receive mentorship from a professional theatre company, participate in master classes with a professional director, and have their work showcased at the festival.
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Where does the Festival take place?

The 2016 & 2017 Festivals will be presented in partnership with Native Earth Performing Arts at the Daniels Spectrum building in Regent Park.

What are the important dates of the program?

Here’s a run-down of important dates:

– Friday Oct 7, 2016 – Deadline to apply to all programs

– December 11, 2016 – Participant meet and greet (mandatory)

– January 15 2017- Training Day #1 (mandatory)

– February 12 2017- Training Day #2 (mandatory)

– March 12 2017- Training Day #3 (mandatory)

– April 23 2017- Training Day #4 (mandatory)

– May 22nd to 28th – 16th Annual Paprika Festival

How many artists do you enrol in your programs?

Our enrolment numbers vary from year to year, but here’s what we’re looking at for in this season:

Paprika Productions:  Up to 5 productions

The Director’s Lab:  2 participants

Playwriting: up to 8 writers

Creators’ Unit: Up to 15 members

Regent Park Collective: Up to 15 members

Advisory Board: Up to 15 members

Can this program be managed in conjunction with school?

Absolutely, but it requires strong time management skills. Everything is scheduled to occur after 3pm on weekdays and weekend activities. The Festival week in May requires greater time commitment as shows will need to run tech rehearsals during the day and perform at night. Overall it’s definitely manageable for both secondary and post-secondary students. We ask for a full commitment from each artist we bring on board. This is a professional training program and the opportunities provided will reward those who give it the dedication it requires.

Can I be in Paprika if I’m over 21?

You definitely can. This year we have suggested age limits as we understand that emerging artists vary in skills and needs from year to year.  Our core age group is 15-21 years for all programs excluding the Director’s lab (15-30) and the advisory board (21-25). We are interested in making exceptions to this for young people who can prove they need a higher calibre of training, and for older people who are new to the arts. It is not recommended for young people applying to Productions, The Creator’s Unit, or Playwriting have finished a post secondary degree in theatre.

Are there any costs to participate?

There is no fee to be in any of our programs. We do our best to reduce as many barrier to enrolment as possible. There are of course personal costs which include travel to and from the theatre and although we do provide some food at training days, eating well is up to you!

Does Paprika pay for production costs?

We pay for a professional technician to hang lighting and support you through technical rehearsals, but we do not provide a budget for the rehearsal location, set or costume expenses of individual productions. Marketing & publicity of your project is also included with the Festival marketing as a whole, but marketing & outreach for individual productions remains at your own cost.

What about space?

Space is provided at no cost for our weekly facilitated programs – our Creators’ Unit and our Regent Collective program. Participants in the Director’s Lab and Paprika Productions programs are required to find space on their own to rehearse, however we do provide resources to participants to help them find discounted rehearsal space in the city. Space Finder Toronto is also a great resource.

What if I don’t live in Toronto?

We have had participants from Ottawa, London, Hamilton, Oakville and from across the GTA. We’re happy to work with you to find a way that you can be involved. It will require multiple travel dates within the year, but there is flexibility for those out-of-towners. We will often seek out artistic mentors who are local to your region and have them work with you in your community.