Created and directed by: Veda Hingert-McDonald and Tony Kuang









For the 2017 Turmeric Youth Theatre Festival, “Untitled1,” by Steven Stevenson and Flower Powers is a tragical-comical-musical-drama where characters explore their world and do various things, while digging into themes, and ideas, and such. The North York Times says “Untitled1,” is “Unoriginal,” but Steven and Flower think it’s Fun! Steven is a serious thespian striving for a traditional drama but has no ideas, while Flower is a glittery performer pushing her musical theatre agenda. You become the audience of the Turmeric Festival, where Steven and Flower are scrambling to entertain you with their show that they didn’t prepare.

Mentor: Amy Lee

Stage Manager: Aslı Özüak

Warnings: Audience interaction, some violence, immature content.

Duration: 60 minutes.

Schedule: Wednesday,  May 24- 8PM | Saturday, May 27- 3:45PM | Sunday, May 28- 2PM