The Final Solution - Aman Banwait

What happens when the oppressed becomes an oppressor? Drawing parallels between the suffering of the Holocaust and of the current Israeli-Palestinian conflict, The Final Solution explores the people’s tie to their lands and to what extent they are tied to it. The land has witnessed the coming and going of many civilizations which begs the question: who has a right to it now? By reflecting on what has been, our journey takes us on the path to what can be. Is there a Final Solution, and whose solution is it?


Created by Aman Banwait
Devised by Christol Bryan, Scarlett Forest, Tessa Kuhn and Aman Banwait
Dramaturg: Sabah Haque
Assistant Dramaturg: Elise LaCroix
Stage Manager: Matt Richard
Assistant Stage Manager: Sabah Haque
Lighting design: Cole Vincent
Sound Design: Aman Banwait
Set and costume design: Jocelyn Graham
Mentored by Arthur Milner

Special Thank Yous:
Dr. Magdalena Kazubowski-Houston, Ragda Habbal, Sadie Epstein-Fine




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