That's So Meta - Seth Gordon

Welcome to the North American Interdisciplinary Academic Competition: One game. Three contestants. A stoner, a Kylie Jenner incarnate, and a promising cult-leader-to-be. All brilliantly incompetent in different respects, all being filmed for reality TV. Who will emerge as champion? It doesn’t matter, this game is rigged. The fates of these contestants have been decided in advance, by one self-proclaimed “visionary” director. A satire on formal competition, the media, and contemporary society.That’s So Meta! is a comedyplay, infused with absurdist meta-commentary, which examines and caricatures the absurdity of modern life.


Written by Seth Gordon and Jasmine Wang
Directed by Micaela Robertson
Stage Manager: Isabel Mortimer
Featuring: Lucy Earle, Nate Oppel, Autumn Davis, Reid Millar, Sammi Goldman, Aidan Galbraith, Megan Cameron, Spencer Glassman
Set & Prop Design: Nick Ullrich, Maria Granich
Mentored by Britta Johnson

Strong Language, Violence, Strong Sexual Themes, Smoking

Special Thank Yous:
Margo and Dan Gordon, Ric Bienstock, Richard Mortimer, Kenneth Oppel, Phillipa Oppel, Shari Hollett, Chris Earle, David and Suzanne Robertson




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