RoundingTheBend - Eliza Musselwhite copy

Top 5 things “20 something” women want in a musical.
1. Road trip! – To vicariously quench our never ending wanderlust.
2. Romance – Surprise kisses and sexy dancing.
3. Heartache – #Catharsis.
4. Friendship – As much as our friends drive us crazy, they also make our lives 100% more interesting.
5. Musical numbers- Duh.

A truthful look into being young, female and full of questions. Who am I? What do I want? Where am I going? And most importantly, how the hell do I get there? “Rounding the Bend” is a one act musical, exploring the blurred lines between love and friendship and the moments in life that either hold us together or break us apart.


Featuring: Brittany Rae Robinson, Alyssa Minichillo, Emma Banigan, Brittany Kay*
Written and directed by Eliza Blue Musselwhite
Production Manager: Susan Anderson
Stage Manager: Lindsay Jenkins
Musical Director: Jamie Musselwhite
Choreographer: Elijah Manalo
Lighting and sound design: Ivan Trinier and Matthew Hyslop
Poster art: Hannah Musselwhite
Mentored by Kelly Holiff
*appears with the permission of Canadian Actors’ Equity Association

Strong Language

Special Thank Yous:
Sage Whittworth, Lena Maripuu, Sophia Stuart-Sheppard, Allison Reed




60 minutes
90 minutes (double-bill)


Monday May 4, 7:00pm
Friday May 8, 9:00pm (double-bill – FIG NEWTON’S LAWS)


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