DASH - Alexsandra Marzocca

This is a workshop production of DASH; a visual translation of three Emily Dickinson Poems exploring mortality, grief and letting go. This devised piece has been created by the many wonderful artists who have lent their talents to the DASH Collective over the past eight months. Our inspiration and text are the poems, “I Felt a Funeral in My Brain”;” Because I Could not Stop for Death” and “After Great Pain, A Formal Feeling Comes”. All three poems contain Dickinson’s signature dashes – which paradoxically join together and tear apart the words on either sides of it. Like Dickinson’s dashes, DASH captures something that words cannot convey.


Directed by Alexsandra Marzocca
Featuring: Alexandra Van Daele, Roselyn Kelada-Sedra, Anja Zeljkovic, Jacqueline Godbout, Jajube Mandiela*, Kelsey Jacobson
Stage Manager: Becky Gold
Lighting Designer: Kelsey Jacobson
Set Designer: Joe Pagnan
Costume designer: Alexsandra Marzocca
Dramaturge: Meg Moran
Composer & Musician: Jeff Ferguson
Harpist: Roselyn Kelada-Sedra
Choreographer: Jacqueline Andrade
Graphic Designer: Gillian Murschell
Mentored by Lilia Leon
*appears with the permission of Canadian Actors’ Equity Association

Special Thank Yous:
To b current and Ayşe Kapaklili for providing rehearsal venues at b current and TheSpaceBetweenUs. Also, to contributors Brian Postalian, Tamar Mankassarian, Aimee Bouchard, Jessica Levy, Smita Mitra, Annie Therrien Boulos, and Martine Plourde, Tina & James Marzocca Randolph Swyer & Cawthra Park S.S.




Projects 30 & Under is our emerging artist platform for new work in development. Projects can be explorations in a variety of forms and presented as performances or as staged readings. This program is for emerging artists who have received professional training but need space and time to workshop their writing and/or to work with a company of peers. In every case we connect each project to senior artists, forming lasting partnerships and supporting healthy project growth. This is a platform for individuals and collectives needing time and space to get their work on its feet.