Clipped - Jaden Curtis

Chris, a high school student from Brighton, Ontario, is soon turning eighteen years old and spends the months leading up to his birthday desperately trying to find a sense of identity. He consistently leaves his girlfriend, Melody, in the dark about his true feelings, making her vigorously push to be further included in his life. Eighteen years prior, his parents Carol and Edward have just moved to Brighton, have high hopes for their future and are determined to get what they want. Things don’t go as smoothly as planned, however, when they realize that having the perfect life together is more difficult than they first thought. Two timelines intertwine to tell the story of Clipped: a realist narrative about trying to find purpose in a world of deceitful facades, shattered expectations and harsh truth.


Featuring: Casey Romanin, Tess Cooper
Playwright: Jaden Curtis
Directors: Jaden Curtis and Elise LaCroix
Dramaturg: Cole Vincent
Production Dramaturg: Elise LaCroix
Stage Manager: Ran Zhu
Set and Costume Designer: Erica Causi
Lighting Designer: Cole Vincent
Sound Designer: Jaden Curtis
Makeup Artist: Lizeth Cordova
Mentored by Rob Kempson
Poster Design by Jason Thomson
Poster Photo by Meriya Gmeiner-McPherson

Strong Language, Strong Sexual Themes




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